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Design System

Product design
Several internal needs are at the origin of the conception of the Agorize design system:
- improve the coherence between our different products and pages using several frameworks
- synchronise as well as possible the development teams and the design (components, naming, colors...)
- improve the efficiency and facilitate the work of the team by reducing the time of prototyping to test the proposals quickly
- find an effective way to share the knowledge and facilitating the onboarding of newcomers
Design Principles
The first step of this redesign work was to determine the values and principles of the product with the technical, marketing and product teams.

Agorize is divided into several products for each profiles (participants, administrators, mentors, teachers...). The design system must standardize all components to create a single interface between the different roles and facilitate the work of developers.

Agorize is a very complete and sometimes complex platform. It is therefore essential to facilitate access to features and allow any type of profile to use the interface. The visual language and the components must serve this simplicity.

Whether you are a participant, a mentor or an administrator, the Agorize platform is for everyone. It must be inclusive and respect accessibility rules.

Agorize's clients are diverse and each has its own identity and language. This is why each component of the interface is designed to be adapted. Thus, the shape of the buttons, the colors of the flash messages or the content of certain texts must be adaptable and customizable to reflect the values of our customers.

35% of Agorize users are mobile users, so every interface and component must be designed to fit any screen: mobile, tablet and desktop.

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